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If you answered yes to these questions, a Sir Carpet franchise may be the perfect business for you!  When you own a Sir Carpet franchise, you not only join the ranks of the best carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals, you also get the benefit of the same unsurpassed customer service that made us famous.  Our excellent online reviews say it all!  

We offer the following amazing benefits for our franchisees:

  • Unsurpassed training and mentorship
  • Proven successful business model that takes the guesswork out of business ownership
  • ​Ongoing operational support so you are never alone
  • ​Low purchase price and phenomenal rate of return on your investment

How it all started: 

Sir Carpet was founded in 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona by Ashley Aakre.  Ashley had a vision of a carpet cleaning company where management, technicians and office staff worked together to build the brand into a household name synonymous with exceeding customer expectations.  She knew that if Sir Carpet was a positive place where each employee was treated like family, and each customer was treated like a King, anything was possible.  Today, Sir Carpet is known for their commitment to honesty, integrity, loyalty and superior cleaning processes.

Growth is coming:

News of Sir Carpet’s success started spreading like wildfire and others wanted to know what the secret formula was for our success.  We at Sir Carpet believe that success and achievement are abundant and designed to be shared, not kept secret.  Zig Ziglar said it best when he said, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”  So we began to look for ways to expand Sir Carpet in a way that benefited others.  Franchising was a natural fit.  Ashley grew up in franchising and one of her earliest career experiences in the late 1990’s was working for her family’s janitorial master franchise business.  Here she learned that franchising was a true win-win scenario.  In fact, there are three winners in franchising.  The company wins from the growth it achieves.  The franchise owners win because they could go into business for themselves without the struggles of going it alone.  And customers win because local small business owners give the best customer service and personal care available.  This growth model and commitment to mutual success is what will catapult Sir Carpet into a National household name.

Mission Statement:  

Our mission is to relentlessly focus on making every customer feel like a King and making every associate feel like a Knight in Shining Armor as we work together to achieve operational excellence that exceeds all expectations.